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Home Run for Sklut and Weston (EP Review)

Home Run for Sklut and Weston
EP Review: “Home” by Sklut & Weston
By Linda Freeman, TIW Music

As a kid, I was obsessed with my older brother’s pop and rock albums, and was addicted to Paul Simon’s second solo album, “There Goes Rhymin’ Simon.” That was one reason that I was drawn to Chicagoans Tommy Sklut and John Weston’s original five-song EP, “Home”: They write lyrics and music with a grace, wit, and ease reminiscent of Simon. Their Americana/New Orleans tunes are wickedly catchy and call to mind Billy Joel and Dr. John. Sklut and Weston often perform solo or with other musicians but collaborated on “Home.”

“Home” features Sklut on keys/vocals, Weston on guitar/vocals, and Brett Sleeman on percussion. Sleeman gives their tracks a cool percussive groove and a fully polished sound. When it comes to their songwriting collaboration, Weston writes that he and Sklut “come to the table with an idea…and we both carve it, shape it, and build it into something hopefully complete and cohesive.” I’m especially struck by the vivid images each song conveys, and can easily imagine them making a music video that uses a clever storyline to good advantage a la the Black Keys’ “Tighten Up” video.

My favorite song, “Devils In the Day,” has a danceable Lee Dorsey/Dr. John rhythm and savvy, insightful lyrics. The video of “Devils” gives you a real appreciation for just how good they as musicians and collaborators. “Get Down From Your Tower” is another standout, with that tasty New Orleans vibe and lyrics describing a working musician’s (and more broadly, the American) dilemma:

” ‘Cuz I’m Andy’s alright,
I am Steven’s last night,
I’m your Mister Tambourine man,
I’m helter skelter in the midnight hour,
Not sure how to get down from your tower.”

On “Home,” Sklut and Weston lyrically and musically express some important truths about life and about themselves. You can listen to “Home” (see link above) and buy individual tracks or the full EP at .
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